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Canvas and Canvas Hardware Maintenance Check List

  • Simple periodic maintenance on your Marine Canvas can add life to your product.

  • Check stitching by pulling up firmly on an exposed stitch. If it breaks, it may be time to restitch. Consider restitching with “Tenara Thread”.

  •  Zippers that feel chalky or have broken teeth need to be replaced.

  •  Chafed areas my need “Chafe patches”. Find the cause of the chafing and try to eliminate it. Raising the topping lift so the Sail cover doesn’t brush the top of the Bimini or Dodger is a common remedy.

  • Clean Snaps; Lift –The-Dot fasteners and Twist Locks periodically with warm soapy water and an old toothbrush to remove salt build up.

  • If you store your dodger or enclosure, make sure you do not fold the glass. Sandwich it carefully between layers of soft cloth and loosely roll up. Never store the glass when wet. Let it dry first.

  • Always remove all canvas and sails from your boat during a “named storm” and secure your framework