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Maxwell Liberty 1700 Series Windlass
  • Max Pull: 1700lbs (770kg)
  • Rope/Chain: 5/16" High Test Chain spliced into 5/8" Rope


  • Circuit breaker/isolator panel (supplied with DC units only)
  • Dual direction solenoid pack
  • Up/down remote control panel
  • Emergency (manual) crank/clutch release handle
  • Maxwell Chain Spacer Kit


  • Feature packed with patented innovation and styling, Liberty reaches the same level of superb performance as the Freedom Series, which has become an industry icon.
  • Traditional Maxwell design and revolutionary technology ensure classic good looks and trouble-free operation.
  • Balance force pressure arm system eliminates snags*
  • Rope/chainwheel design ensures maximum grip on rope splice*
  • Simply activated emergency/manual crank mechanism*
  • Geared manual crank for easy emergency anchor retrieval
  • Push button disassembly for easy servicing
  • Interchangeability of rope/chainwheel and pressure arm assemblies between
  • 1700 and 2500 models allows for use of either rope/chain combination options with either model.
  • "Quick Fit" deck plate design saves installation time and money and allows easy retrofitting without disassembly of the windlass.


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