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Maxwell Horizontal Windlass w/Capstan 650
  • Max Pull: 650lbs (295kg)
  • Chain Sizes: 1/4"-5/16" (6-8mm)


  • Circuit breaker/isolator panel (supplied with DC units only)
  • Footswitch (supplied with DC units only)
  • Chainpipe and chainwheel
  • Emergency crank handle (Except on HWC650)


  • Fully automatic single, or dual direction operation.
  • 'MAX-grip™' warping drum for independent rope hauling only.
  • Optional dual anchor handling with smooth independent control of each chainwheel via cone clutches.
  • Chainpipe and stripper included.
  • Cone-type brake/clutch mechanism permits manual 'free-fall' anchoring. Cone clutches, unlike dog clutches, provide smooth progressive engagement ensuring safe and precise operator control.
  • Chainwheel locking pawl.
  • Simple deck mounted installation with no under deck parts.
  • Simplified maintenance with ability to strip the running gear (chainwheel and capstan drum) from the winch without disturbing the winch mounting.
  • Heavy duty, dual-direction electric motors. Isolated ground type with durable class F insulation throughout motor.
  • The gearbox has a high-efficiency output drive with heavy-duty wide-face, precision, bronze spur gears in a sealed oil bath. It is removable as a sealed unit for servicing. (Specifications differ depending on motor and winch rating).
  • Chainwheel and warping drum of high-quality chrome finish over marine-grade alloy bronze.
  • Marine-grade pretreated alloy casing, powder coated and finished with a two component white polyurethane paint.


Maxwell windlasses must be used in conjunction with a chain stopper or snubbing device to take the load off the windlass while laying at anchor. The chain stopper and alternative snubbing system can also be used to secure the anchor in the fully raised position while under way.


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