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 The JSI Store | Spar Shop

JSI is One of America's Leading Suppliers of After Market Masts!

About the Spar Shop
Design how to earn money on finance affiliate programs Solutions for masts, booms, radar arches, spreaders, spinnaker poles & more!
On-site manufacturing in our 35,000 sq. ft. facility.
Spar Kits available for smaller boats
Manufacturer of OEM Spars for Manta, Endeavour, Krogen, Victory and others.
Complete mainsail furling systems for affiliate forex program new construction and after market.
In-boom furling, In-mast furling, behind-the-mast furling extrusions
We have spinnaker pole tubing in stock
We fabricate tapered best crypto exchange affiliate programs racing masts
Custom mast hounds - chain plates and deck fittings are packaged at one price.
We duplicate broken spreaders in airfoil aluminum
We can replace wood booms or repair your bent or broken aluminum boom.
We can add internal reefs, outhaul or solid vang fittings to your boom.
Products and Services
Masts & Booms
Design Solutions for Masts & Booms
Repair and Refurbishing
Fabrication of Tapered Racing Masts
Custom Mast Hounds - chain plates & deck fittings packaged at one price.
In-mast Furling
Behind Mast Furling
In-Boom Furling
Add: Internal Reefing, Outhaul, or Fittings for Solid Vangs
Spar Kits available for Smaller Boats

Radar Arches
Design Solutions for Radar Arches

New Aluminum Spreaders
Duplication of Broken Spreaders in Airfoil Aluminum

Spinnaker Poles
New Spinnaker Poles


To have Dave contact you for a FREE  Consulation and price quote just call our Spar Shop at 800-652-4914 or you can use our simple form to send us your information

Dave Johnson

Spar Drawing